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240621 - Future Updates

Posted by Pixelito317 - June 24th, 2021

Hey everyone, first text post in quite a while right? I have some news i want to share here, since it involves the page, and the content on it.

First of all: My NSFW submissions.

As a lot of you can see on my profile, i have 4/5 NSFW submissions on the page, and after putting some thought on it, i decided i will be deleting all of my content that involves any NSFW or sexual themes, since I won't be drawing any of that content for the public anymore due to it not being what I want this page to become.

I am not a NSFW artist, and nor will I ever be, and since I want this page to reflect what I draw on a daily basis, I think this content does not fit the criteria. The only place you'll see this content will be my NSFW twitter, which i wont mention here.

In short: I'll be deleting all of my posts marked with an "A" rating in the following hours.

Secondly: Digital Illustrations

What will happen from now on?

Right now i publish my work on five sites: Twitter, Newgrounds, ToyHou.se, InkGarage.cf and my Telegram Channel.

Not only that, i also sometimes record and upload speedpaints onto my Youtube channel, Pixel's Ink Garage. As you can see, that's quite the work xD

I decided that on Twitter, ToyHou.se and InkGarage will only be posted the bare minimum info about my pieces, with the usual format I have used there for quite a while now.

Newgrounds and the Telegram channel will have some things changed, here are the basic changes.

  • On the Telegram, i'll begin to only post previews of the final piece, with all of the places you can see the full art linked, I also won't post there the bonus content anymore.
  • Here, on Newgrounds, besides the full piece, i will be describing some of the process and my thoughts, and will also link the bonus content almost every time the piece has it.
  • The Twitter account may sometimes change, something like a takeover of some sort, with every one of them explaining the history behind some of my characters, more info will be disclosed soon.
  • Also here, I may reduce the piece's resolution to try and avoid art theft.

Finally, bimonthly content packs.

Since I doodle a lot, I decided to start compling my doodles into a bimonthly collection called "The Static Box".

Every volume will be released the 30th of every other month, the only exception being seasonal boxes for specifics like holidays or events. The boxes will be available for download on Google Drive and every box will contain EVERY doodle I made during the month, this includes: Pencil Drawings, Unreleased Sketches, SpeedPaints without any commentary, every Bonus content I released, even StoryBoards and unfinished animations on projects i haven't disclosed!

The only exceptions to the box are unreleased personal projects, game assets, and music.

I really hope you like what you'll find there!

That puts an end to this post, it's been lengthy enough I hope.

Remember i'm waaay more active on my other sites!

Twitter - ToyHou.se - InkGarage - Telegram Channel